The Contract with Santa

I planned to make cookies for Santa on Christmas eve but  I was down with the flu. We had freshly baked chocolate cupcakes (by my mother) so we left these for Santa with three tiny bottles of milk.

This image was taken before Sophia, my mom and the household help left to go the King’s annual noche buena celebration.  I stayed home, in bed, slept and didn’t get up until the morning.

Christmas morning, the cupcakes and one bottle of milk were gone. Looks like Santa dropped by while we were sleeping.

Santa left a package for Sophia. It contained a contract which Sophia had to sign before she could open her present. Usually, Santa asks if Sophia was a good girl the past year but this was something very different. It was about doing good for the coming year, 2015.

Sophia promised to all three conditions and signed her name (in pencil, haha!) because she wanted to open her gift.

She received 2 packs of 12-pack Shopkins. It wasn’t what she asked for (Shopkins refrigerator) but she was thankful for the gifts. Looks like Santa didn’t read her letter.

Opening all other gifts. She loved them all. Thank you to everyone who remembered Sophia. Keep on reading until the end.

We kept the contract in case Sophia needed a reminder about the agreement. She read the contract again yesterday and said to me, “But mom, you aren’t always right.” She continued, “Remember the time we were in the restaurant and you made a mistake in computing for the change?”.

Uh-oh! She challenged the contract. I didn’t expect that. It made me feel proud that (1) she questions things and does not accept matters as is (2) she communicated what was on her mind and (3) gave a specific example to support her observation.

I came across this quote on the internet from Pope Francis,

“I like it when someone tells me, ‘I don’t agree.’ This is a true collaborator. When they say ‘Oh, how great, how great, how great,’ that’s not useful.”

This assures me somehow that as a mother, I am doing something right.

Before I know it, Sophia will be a teen. I expect her to challenge my rules and decisions. Why can’t she attend the party everyone else is attending? Why is her curfew such? Why can’t she have a boyfriend (before thirty years of age, haha!)? If and when she challenges these (and others), I hope that it won’t be defiance but desire to know and understand the reasons behind them. I pray that I will be able to clearly communicate these. In the same way, I pray that I will listen and understand her side as well.

I may be wrong at times but it won’t be about being right and proving the other wrong. It is about guiding her to achieve her maximum potential, to be charitable, to be full of grace, to be humble, to make the world a more beautiful place to live, to love and be loved (from Pope Francis message to the Filipino youth) even if I haven’t accomplished all of these yet.







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