Spring Mood Board

I am a spring person even though there is no spring in the Philippines. I just love the colors and the freshness of spring. Here is a spring mood board I shot and created today. This is my submission to this month’s themed project (spring mood board – food, flora, fabric, discoveries) in the food photographer’s community I am a member of.

I really enjoyed this project so I am thinking of making more of these. If you have a product that want to be included in my mood board creations, send me a message  to learn more (just click on the word CONTACT in the menu above).  It won’t cost much. I promise!

I worked hard on taking photos of all the items included in the mood board below. It took some time to put it together as well in a collage. As such, please respect my copyright. Please do not use any of my photos without my express and written consent.

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