Tip Tuesday: Rule of Thirds

I know that  you loved my photography tip on mergers so I am posting another one. Maybe I should post on Tuesdays and call it Tip Tuesday. At least if I run out of photography tips, I can do tips for other subjects. Everything with photos of course. No porn though. I might get banned from my hosting company.

Anyway, If you missed my photography tip on mergers, click here.

The tip for today is the rule of thirds. Divide a photograph into nine equal grids like below. The basic principle behind this rule is that the eye is naturally drawn to the areas where the points intersect or on any of the lines. To apply this in photography, place your most important subject in the intersections (encircled in green) or in the lines below. This will make a photo more interesting and stronger compositionally, based on this rule.

Most cameras (even point and shoot and phone cameras) have an option to display a rule of thirds grid in the lcd screen. So if you were wondering what that is for, it is a guide to help you frame the photo with the rule of thirds. Don’t see it in your camera? Check the manual. Lost your manual, search for it in the web or ask someone who knows.

If you look through my site, you will notice that I take a lot of photos with this rule applied. For these examples, I shot them all today for the purpose of this tutorial.

Do you see it?

If not, here is the same photo with the grid.

Another one.

For close-up photos and head shots, usually, the most important element is the eye so place this in the intersecting point or lines.

See it?

With the grid.

Cool, huh?

You may center your subject if you wish as the rule of thirds is merely a guide. There are other compositional rules too however, the rule of thirds is the easiest and the most common. If you decide to off center your subject, be sure that it is with intent and part of your photographic vision. It should never be accidental.

It will not come naturally at first, but will be in time, and with practice.

Sharing the other images I took today. Little girl loves Rainbow Loom. I love it too because it gives me peace and quiet.

Happy shooting!


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