No Place Like Home

Sharing a few photos taken at home. We haven’t been going out much because traffic is horrible in Metro Manila. In case you are wondering or interested, I used my Fujifilm XT-1 mirrorless camera and Fujinon 23mm 1.4 lens for these images. I have been using my Canon 5D MKIII less since I acquired the Fuji. I am keeping the Canon though because I need it for studio shoots with strobes.

Sophia was looking at her newborn photos here that my mom scrapbooked using a cute little tin can.

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I love taking light and bright images. I also like backlit ones. Because of these, I make it a point to wear a white t-shirt if I know I am going to be shooting. In fact, I just grab a white t-shirt most of the time because I know I will be taking photos one way or another. Why white? White does not reflect/cast a colour on the subject. If I wear a bright color like bright pink or green, when light bounces of the shirt, it will cast a bright pink or green on the subjects face  (if I am very close to subject) which isn’t visually pleasing. I feel that a white t-shirt also acts as a reflector. I am not not sure though if fabric reflects light but it won’t hurt to wear one.

I get tired of wearing plain white T-shirts so I was so happy to find a white t-shirt with subtle pearl beading from get your t-shirt craze on with Zalora. I was browsing through Zalora’s website and chanced upon the shirt here at Crimson. It is in the third row from the top, in the middle. Cute, right?

Thanks for looking! I will be posting more of our travel photos from last May and hope to finish everything soon. We are travelling again and hate to have a backlog of photos.



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