New Old Lens

I have a new old lens. Its old but feels new because I haven’t used it in a while. Its the nifty fifty pictured below, in the middle. It is called such because of its affordable price but good quality.  I brought it out today so I can can practice taking photos with it. I love that it is lightweight and opens up to F1.8 (bigger lens opening aka wider aperture, which allows more light into the camera which means I can shoot in lower light conditions with a faster shutter speed which decreases chances of having motion blur). Whew! I got tired typing that.

So if the nifty fifty can open up wide and is good in low light conditions, you might be wondering why I haven’t used it. The nifty fifty is a prime lens which means IT DOES NOT ZOOM. In order to zoom in or zoom out, I need to walk closer to or farther from my subject, which I don’t like.

I have been using the 24-70mm F2.8 lens (pictured below, on the left) 100% of the time, it does zoom and opens to F2.8 which is a little smaller than F1.8 but still good. I really really love this lens but IT IS HEAVY! I brought it  during my last trip. In the morning, it doesn’t feel heavy but sometime after lunch, it gets heavier by the minute.

Oh, shooting wide open has disadvantages and I don’t want to explain further here but if you’re really interested, send me an email.

I placed the lenses side by side and with a Starbucks mug (ignore the coffee stain) for size reference. The 24-70mm is much bigger, has more glass components which makes it heavier. It probably weighs 12 times more than  the 50mm and costs 12 times more too.

I’m practicing with my 50mm because I am going on another trip. Whee! I am so excited! I am not mentioning when and where yet as it is supposed to be a secret. Correct guess gets a prize!

I’m taking that 24-70mm but when I get tired of carrying it around, I am going to use the nifty fifty. I am sure that there are other lenses that would work for the trip but I do not want to spend on new equipment.

After that long intro about lenses, here are my images from today all shot with the nifty fifty.

Lunch out today with my sister and Sophia. I was in the backseat so I was able to take this photo. Her lip balm by Maybelline Baby Lips.

We decided on Kamirori for lunch. These two were glued to the Iphones.

But they willingly smiled and posed for me.

Then played a game of Temple Run.

And our food came.

Sophia lost one of her upper front teeth while I was away. She has a toothless smile which kinda looks scary but I won’t tell her that.


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