Keeping it Real. Mom + Hulk = Mulk.

Mulk. That’s what Sophia calls me. Mom + Hulk = Mulk. She says I turn into a monster when it is review time. I tell her it’s because I have to repeat myself so many times when she does not listen, when she has a negative attitude, when she is careless or does one of her many delaying tactics. She needs to pee, she is hungry, she needs to get water. So I tell her fine, if you don’t want to review, don’t! I am not the one who will not learn and it isn’t my grade anyway. This tactic works all the time so she will review. Until when this will work, I don’t know.

She started reviewing last Saturday for Math. I crochet beside her while she studies. She had a lot of wrong answers because of carelessness. She knows the answers and knows how to solve them (okay most, not all) but is always in a hurry to finish.

I will not pretend that the review session went smoothly. She cried three times. The first time because I didn’t want to help her with some of the problem solving questions. I told her it is okay to make mistakes at this point because it will help us know what she is having difficulty with then to focus on these after. I was getting frustrated. I told her to go to my mom and ask my mom to explain what I meant. So she went to my mom and that settled it.

The second and third time she cried,  I screamed at her for one of the reasons above. My mom says that when I want to take a nap, I will get angry at Sophia so she will go to my mom and I can sleep. That is not true. I just happen to fall asleep.

My cousins told Sophia to take my video when I am being a Mulk and post it on Instagram. So far she hasn’t attempted to do that.

Here are photos from Saturday’s review – before she cried. Keeping it real.



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