Destination Stockholm: Kungsholmens Glassfabrik

Sharing a a few more photos from our Stockholm Trip last May. These were taken at a cute little ice cream place called Kungholmens Glassfabrik. To get here, Sophia and I took public transport, the underground train. It is so easy to get around the city. For one, it is very small and it has one of the most efficient (and cleanest) public transportation systems in the world. There is no reason to own a vehicle. Locals either take public transport or ride a bike. We actually rented a bike and went around part of the city. I will share photos of that in another post.

My mom, sister and brother-in-law did not go with us here. I can’t remember where they went. Whenever we travel together, there is a general itinerary which serves as a guide but is not cast in stone. We also don’t stay together all the time. There are attractions we visit together (tours, museums, parks). It is usually during window shopping that we go on our own because we have different interests and don’t want to waste time waiting for each other. Meals are always taken together, oh except for breakfast. Sophia has to have breakfast. My mom and I need our coffee while my sister and husband would rather have a heavy lunch.

It was still cold when we visited Stockholm but this girl still had to have ice cream. Okay, okay I also wanted to go to this place because it was so cute and perfect for taking photos.


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