Destination Italy: Daylight Trastevere Food Tour

My family and I went on a two-week trip to Italy last May to celebrate my mom’s 60th. I posted about last minute packing here, the flight here , the walking tour of The Colosseum here and Rome at leisure here.

I still have a lot of photos and the photos in this post are still from Rome. We arrived in Rome on the afternoon of May 3rd (Saturday). We did the Colosseum tour the next day and on Monday we did the Daylight Trastevere Food Tour. Yum!

Trastevere is one of the districts in Rome. It is an area with narrow cobbled streets with many restaurants and pubs. It was the location for the walking food tour. My sister booked the food tour online at Eating Italy Food Tours. At the time we booked, the price was 98 Euros for each adult and 59 Euros for a child. The price includes all the food and the guided tour.

The entire Italy trip was about eating in the best restaurants and tasting everything we saw. We walked a lot so we could eat  a lot. The walking was still not enough because I would go into the next meal still full from the previous meal! It was crazy!

The food tour was about tasting the best that the district offers. Each stop did not consist of a full meal but a sample of the best item. The stops consisted mostly of family-owned delis and shops.

The first stop was at a Salumeria (delicatessen), Antica Caciara. We sampled different kinds of cheese.

See the black tower on the left? Cheese!

Burrata is a soft cheese. The best cheese I ever tasted. Sorry! I can’t explain how it tastes but it is creamy and rich. Haha!

Bread displayed in the window. I could not decided between black and white or color so I posted both.

The next stop was shop that sells Suppli’ – or Risotto Balls. This was good too! Nothing can be better that carbs wrapped in carbs and then deep fried. I love carbs!

The inside of the Suppli.

I don’t remember what this is because we did not try it. It was served only to the person in the group who did not eat meat.

Next stop was a dessert place.

Then a meat shop for something savory again. We sampled the Porchetta (slow roasted pork). The meat was so tasty and the skin was so crispy. It would be perfect with garlic rice.

The entrance to the meat shop.

Next stop was an outdoor market. There were only a few stalls open because Italians now do their shopping in supermarkets. It was a sad sight. We tried blood oranges (top left in the photo below) and it was very sweet.

We stopped by a stall that served blood oranges, fig jam and cheese. The fig jam which was sweet went well with the cheese.

Gelato stop.

Walking around Trastevere district.

More food! Pizza this time.

Fresh mozzarella for the pizza and olive oil.

We had a pizza kitchen tour. See those long slabs of flat bread on the shelf? Those are the pizzas. The pizza oven is fuelled by hazelnut shells.

The entrance to the kitchen. The corridor is lined with sacks of flour.

The lovebirds. I think they look annoyed at each other. Haha!

One of the two thousand drinking fountains around Rome. The water continuously flows. The water is safe to drink but not when we saw two dogs drinking off the spout. Eeew! Tourists and locals alike refill their water bottles from these fountains because drinking water costs 2-3 euros for a small bottle. To drink directly from the water fountain, place a finger under the spout so that the water will come out from the hole on top.

Biscotti store and bakery owned by Signora Vera, neighborhood resident pastry chef for 40 years.

I wasn’t able to take photos in the last two stops. Yes, we had more food. One was a pasta restaurant where we were able to sit and eat and another stop was a dessert and sweet wine restaurant/cellar.

After all this good food, would you believe that we even had a full dinner of steak and carbonara that night?





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