Destination Italy: Milan

My family and I went on a two-week trip to Italy to celebrate my mom’s 60th. It is almost a year since the trip. If you missed the previous posts on Italy, find them all here.

We entered Italy through Rome, stayed 5 nights then headed to Florence. The third city on the itinerary was Venice. From Venice, we took the Tren Italia to our last stop and point of exit, Milan.

Venice is beautiful and picturesque but we all looked forward to Milan. I booked the apartment in Venice. The location was really great, located in a residential part of the city however the lay-out and bathrooms were really bad. You can read more about that here.

As I mentioned, we were all looking forward to Milan because we were billeted at the Armani Hotel.  We all wanted a warm and leisurely bath. My brother-in-law made the reservations. Did you notice a pattern that all the great (and sosyal) hotels were booked by him? He gets corporates rates so we got a good rate here too.

I didn’t take much photos outdoors in the city itself but I have a lot of detail images of the hotel room. It was a treat for me. I mean, how often do I get to stay in Armani hotel right? We stayed two nights.

The hotel is very modern just like the city of Milan. You can learn more about the hotel the their official website here.

In previous cities, my mom Sophia and I shared room, triple sharing. In this hotel, a maximum of two persons can stay in a room (at least for the room size we booked). Sophia and I had our own room, room 207. My mom stayed by herself or so I think. Haha!

The hotel was luxurious with so much attention to detail. Almost everything was branded with Armani – even the nuts!

The entrance to the room. The doors don’t have doorknobs. To gain entry to the room, we scanned our electronic key on the panel on the right. The door actually reminds me of a tomb so medyo di ko type.


Upon entering, there is a circular ante-room (which I don’t have a photo of). The master switch is also located by the door. Master is the master switch for the lights. Since there is no doorknob, pressing MUR (make-up room) or DND (do not disturb) will appear in the electronic panel outside the room door. How cool is that!


The bed. Bottled water by our bedside table.


Guest card that gives information on the next day’s weather forecast. English on the left, Italian on the right.


The super remote control that controls everything in the room – television, lights, blinds, airconditioning, heat!


Bedroom slippers placed by the bed.


I opened the refrigerator, these were inside. All beverages are included in the hotel room price. AKA, dapat sulitin ito!!! Inumin na lahat! So I tried to drink what I could, haha! The next day, whatever I consumed, was replenished! Omg!


Chocolates on the left, nuts on the right. Oh yes, I ate all of them. Sulitin! The next day, they were replenished too.


Cups and saucers where branded with Armani.


Wine glasses and champagne flutes. I don’t see any branding on these. I don’t remember seeing champagne, if I did, I would have drank it too.


The laundry bag. Of course, I brought this home.




The left photo, is the hallway that leads to the bathroom. Closets are on the left. I was ecstatic when I saw the Nespresso machine with the capsules. Masulit din nga! I had two cups,I think so I was up all night. The next day these were replenished. In fairness to me, I didn’t think about putting the remaining Nespresso capsules in my bag for my Nepresso machine at home.


The sinks on the left photo. The bathtub on the right. I don’t have a photo of the shower area and toilet which had their own private areas in the bathroom.


The bathroom panel switch that controls the vertical blinds, tv speaker. I don’t know what the silence buzzer is for. The arrows control the bathroom lights.


The bath towel. There were two robes too with the same logo. Gosh! The towels felt really soft and luxurious.


The bathroom had mood lighting. Perfect for leisurely bubble baths.


Sophia had to have a bubble bath! This was her first. She stayed more than an hour in the bath while I happily took photos.


She had a good night’s sleep while I was wide wake with all the caffeine from the soda and coffee.

The next day, we had a scheduled city tour of Milan (group tour in a bus). My mom slept so well, she didn’t wake up in time. Sophia, Eman and I went ahead to the meeting place while my sister waited for my  mom to get dressed. My mom and sister got on the bus just as it was leaving.

The city tour wasn’t really that good. The only reason we joined it was to see the Last Supper by Leonardo Da Vinci. Unfortunately, photo taking of Da Vinci’s masterpiece is not allowed.

These are just a few photos from the city tour.


After the tour, we had lunch, checked out a deli and did some window shopping. No photos of these. Then back at the hotel, there was a snack waiting for us. I can’t remember what it was but it looks like a raspberry, some blueberries, some crispy thing with cream. It was delicious! Sophia loved it.


I took a few portraits of her.


The next day we checked-out and then boarded the plane for our flight back to Manila. Stopover was Dubai. We were seated in  row 8.


This time I got champagne instead of fresh orange juice for the welcome drink.



Sophia was just posing with my champagne here.


There was a wide selection of wine which I did not have a sip of.


Our seats. I can’t remember if this was taken in the Dubai to Manila leg. I know the Milan-Dubai plane uses an A380 and these seats are for a Boeing. The A380 business class seats have a different configuration like this.



Then we arrived in Manila and it was back to reality.

The trip to Italy to celebrate my mom’s 60th birthday was a beautiful experience. So thankful for this blessing where we  travelled business class, stayed in the best hotels and had meals in restaurants with good ratings. More than this, I am most thankful for the time spent with family, for the gift of health and that we celebrated my mom’s 60th birthday.

As soon as we got back to Manila from Italy, Sophia, Kates, Eman and I already planned the trip and destination for my mom’s 61st birthday. We told my mom that we should travel as much as we can now that she is strong and can still walk. Those plans will be realized soon and we are leaving in a few days. Can’t wait to share where we are going next.







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