Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

It is a hectic second week at the Food Narratives workshop over at Lessons are posted everyday with assignments to complete. Last week was about the technical aspect of photography – lighting, lenses, white balance, etc. It was the easy part since I am knowledgeable about these. This week, we delve into the artistic side of food photography – story, mood, environment, color, composition, props, and styling. There is so much information. I am overwhelmed but learning so much.

I make it a point to complete and submit shooting assignments on time to be sure that I receive critique from the instructor. The best way to learn is by doing, practicing and receiving positive and constructive criticism.

There are two shooting assignments due today related to composition and color. For composition, students should submit images of composed scenarios, how we compose elements within a frame. I am a neat freak and like things linear, lined up and neat. However, I find my photos so boring when composed this way. For the color assignment, we are supposed to choose colors we don’t normally select. If you go through my blog, you will notice pink and green as the dominant colors.

I combined the composition and color assignments into one. I decided on croissants for my subject. But before sharing the final photos I submitted for my assignment, here are a few images from behind the scenes.

I looked for props at home and these are what I came up with. These are initial selections. I did not use all of them for the final image.

Here is a pull-back image of my set-up. Light source is camera left.

Lucky me, I found a distressed wooden board lying around at home. It is actually the back of a framed mirror. I used it as a surface.  Stepping out of my comfort zone already because I always shoot with a plain white surface. It isn’t a very big shooting space.

This lacked a utensil to complete the story.

I added a knife to the plate but it felt something was off – like it was drawing the viewer’s eye outside the frame of the photo. This was also shot much closer so the other croissant was cut-off which I didn’t like.

I removed the knife from the plate and took a wider shot. This was the final photo I submitted. See no pink and green in this image!  I am patting myself on the back.

I submitted another image for composition and color. No pink, green or any color in this one! I selected ordinary food, rosquillos, to push me further. Instead of color, I played with texture. I added the waffle kitchen towel and crumpled the baking paper. These frame the rosquillos nicely – at least I think so. I arranged the rosquillos in a spiral to draw the viewer’s eye into the subject then makes the eye move from the 12’o clock position back to 12’o clock. This keeps the attention of the viewer longer. Ha! I can’t believe I wrote all of these.

I didn’t get critique on these images yet since I just sent them in. I know I did well by simply stepping out of my comfort zone.









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