TIP TUESDAY: What to Wear

Welcome to this week’s Tip Tuesday! This was the easiest tip to write (so far) in my series of photography tips. You can find all the tips here.

The images for this post were ready on Saturday afternoon but I kept delaying writing the post since I was thinking that it was easy. So here I am rushing to finish this. Last week’s tip on freezing motion and the week before that on white balance were on the technical side. This week is really easy though and is about what to wear.

Graphic tees are t-shirts with big printed designs. The designs may be text, logos, drawings, cartoon characters, images or a combination of these. Graphic tees never go out of style. Most of them have cute designs and witty text however, I don’t recommend having your subjects wear them if you are planning to take photos (even if it just a trip to the mall). Big prints on shirts (especially text) draws the focus away from your subjects. It is the first thing the viewer will see. The focus should be on the subject and not on the shirt (unless you are selling shirts or the photo is about your child’s favorite shirt). Avoid graphic shirts, if possible. I say if possible because they are kids who won’t wear anything but the one shirt with their favorite character printed on it.

Here is a photo of Sophia wearing a graphic tee. The shirt is really cute but didn’t you notice that your eyes were drawn to the text and to the monkey first? It is only after that you notice her bored and please let this be over expression.

Here is another photo of Sophia in a different outfit. There are no distractions in this one so you will notice Sophia first.

Since I take photos all the time, I generally stay away from and don’t buy clothing with big prints on them.




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