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Welcome to School 2014

I’m too tired to think of something to write for this post. I dislike writing too so I’ll just share some photos from the welcome to school parent-teacher conference a few weeks ago. This is photography blog anyway. A collage of the playground photos. Don’t forget to check back here tomorrow for Tip Tuesday.

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Last Friday was Recognition Day for Outstanding Students and Excellence Awardees. I am one proud mama because Sophia received an award for Outstanding Student (no grade lower than Very Good for the final grade). She is also an Excellence Awardee for Spanish (Excellent for the final grade). I did not expect that parents accompanied awardees […]

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Tip Tuesday: Storytelling and Unposed Subjects

I haven’t missed a Tip Tuesday post since I started this project. Yay! Thank you, dear readers, for always visiting and looking through my photos. You keep me going and inspired. I was scrapbooking years before I learned photography. I placed photos in scrapbook lay-outs with pretty paper and embellishments. More than the pretty paper, […]

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Friday Night

Guess who went out on a Friday night and guess who is home posting in her website? Sophia is home with me so that leaves my mom. She went out dressed, in full make-up and wearing three inch wedges! Gosh! Gosh! Someone picked her up from the house this afternoon. I should have interrogated her. […]

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June 26, 2014 - 1:39 pm

Terry - oh my! I dread that day that my little girl goes out… don’t worry we’ll be out with them…2 steps behind.. 😉