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Where did the summer vacation go? I didn’t even get to go to the beach! It’s back to school season once again for most kids in the Philippines. Little girl starts school next week and this mom isn’t prepared. Books are not wrapped. Little girl does not have her school uniforms. How are your preparations […]

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How to Make Cappuccino

I don’t take photos of inanimate objects and you won’t see much of it in my blog but things are changing around here. I won’t stop taking photos of Sophia but I need options for other subjects when little girl doesn’t want to be the subject. She is growing up too, and soon (I hope […]

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June 10, 2014 - 9:14 pm

Jackie Go - Camille! Love the photos you took. Actually, I love all your photos! Where did you buy your Nespresso? States? Haaay. I wish I can take product photos like you. I need to make an extra effort styling them and of course, taking better angles! :)

Tip Tuesday: Active Space

Time to get Sophia (and myself) off the Ipad. We headed outdoors for fresh air and physical activity. Little girl learned how to bike (without training wheels) when she was four. I call it cold turkey because she insisted to have both wheels taken out immediately. She wouldn’t quit so she learned to ride a […]

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Photos, Scrapbooking and Teamwork

My mom and I make a good team. I take the photos while she uses makes the scrapbook lay-outs. This way, some of my photos get off the hard drive and are displayed in beautiful lay-outs. It used to be that I was the one taking photos and scrapbooking them too. The last lay-out I made […]

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Destination Italy: The Emirates Experience

Last month, we went on a trip to Italy. It was a special trip to celebrate my mom’s 60th. Her birthday is in December but we travelled in May due to various reasons.  My mom does not look a day older than 45 but turning 60 is a big thing. Instead of celebrating with a […]

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